Using technology developed for the exacting standards of the rail industry, Vertech Sheet brings outstanding strength, stiffness and durability to a wide range of applications in sectors from construction to logistics, signage and agriculture.

Vertech sheet is manufactured in industry standard sizes. It can be painted, foiled, laminated, coated and even thermoformed to provide a range of profiles. Vertech can replace a wide range of materials from plywood and MDF to more highly engineered compact grade laminates, virgin plastics and PVC. Potential applications are extensive and include: hoardings, signage, exhibition stands, concrete shuttering, rain cladding, cubicle partitioning, furniture, trailer beds, van linings, animal housing...

Vertech composites are not just another recycled plastic product. They deliver true engineering performance and respond to the accelerating market need for alternative, sustainable materials that meet the legal, moral and financial drive for greater carbon reduction, without the need to compromise.