Vertech Bridging makes use of structural beams, boards and pilings moulded from the unique Vertech Composite.

Bridges can be designed to meet the demand of the bridge owners across the UK who are seeking HGV performance without the need for regular and expensive maintenance.

The majority of rural bridges in the UK have individual spans of less than 9m and are manufactured out of steel, timber, masonry/stone or concrete. The maximum load class of existing bridges is often less than the European requirement for an axel load of 11.5 tonnes and a maximum load of 44 tonnes. Vertech bridging adopts a simple, simply supported span design, using Vertech Composite I-beams cross fitted with Vertech decking planks. Hand rails can be fitted to the decking as required.

Conventional bridging materials degrade with use and time; they all require regular, costly maintenance and inspection. In-situ construction using concrete requires significant time and cost. The Vertech™ bridges manufactured from recycled thermoplastics would offer:

  • Significant reduction in the carbon footprint
  • Diversion of plastic waste from landfill
  • Closed loop recyclability
  • Incredibly low maintenance requirements; no rotting or oxidising means no painting, coating, sanding, patching etc
  • No leaching of harmful chemicals into soil or groundwater
  • Inherently resistant to moisture, rot and insects without the need for chemical treatments