Civil Engineering

Vertech composites are ideally suited for the use as temporary works structures within the construction sector, where the often conflicting demands for high performance, combined with the drive for more recycled material content and the reduction of construction waste are never more paramount. Vertech composites offer the solution.

Combining Vertech’s natural resistance to the elements, including the corrosive effect of moisture and common chemicals, with its tremendous flexibility and ease of use makes Vertech probably the best general purpose building material for use in temporary works.

Add to this its outstanding environmental credentials, derived from not only its recycled content but also its re-use potential and complete recyclability and its ease of use on and off site and it really does start to answer the complex questions.

Vertech sheets, profiles and structural beams all have a place within the construction sector. Uses are almost infinite; in sheet form and as profiles as hoardings, temporary trackways, site signage, temporary office lining, cable covers, protective covers, wearing surfaces...

Vertech outperforms other plastic solutions in this sector through its composite design which increases stiffness and strength while reducing thermal expansion.

  • Recycled and Recyclable
  • Impervious to water and common chemicals
  • Incredibly low maintenance requirements
  • No rotting or oxidising means no need for painting, coating or chemical treatments
  • Tough, durable and stiff with no knots
  • Can be cut, drilled, machined to a high tolerance without splitting
  • Can be welded and thermoformed for maximum flexibility
  • Can be painted, foiled or laminated
  • Massively reduced environmental impact, supporting BREEAM assessments
  • A cost effective product both at point of purchase and through life cost