Concrete Shuttering

Vertech’s natural resistance to the moisture and the corrosive chemicals in wet concrete combined with its low surface energy makes it ideally suited for use as concrete shuttering and formwork.

Vertech will offer far longer lifespan than treated timber alternatives resulting in much reduced whole life costs.

Vertech sheets and profiles offer a highly durable and flexible solution to formwork and shuttering requirements. Vertech is impervious to moisture and will not react to the corrosive chemicals within wet concrete offering consistent results over a long life. Vertech’s flat surface, free knots and woodgrain, will provide clean finishes every time and its low surface energy means that regular coatings of release agent are a thing of the past.

Being thermoformable, Vertech sheets can also be used to create seamless corners or curved structures and because Vertech will never rot is also the ideal solution to permanent formwork situations.

Vertech outperforms other plastic solutions in this sector through its composite design which increases stiffness and strength while reducing thermal expansion.

  • Recycled and Recyclable
  • Impervious to water and common chemicals
  • Incredibly low maintenance requirements
  • Tough, durable and stiff with no knots
  • Can be cut, drilled, machined to a high tolerance without splitting
  • Can be welded and thermoformed for maximum flexibility
  • Can be painted, foiled or laminated
  • Massively reduced environmental impact, supporting BREEAM assessments
  • A cost effective product both at point of purchase and through life cost