Vertech composites are ideally suited for the use as a signage material to replace high value (and high theft) alternatives such as aluminium and virgin metal polymer composites as well as the environmentally unfriendly PVC foams.

Vertech sheets at 4mm in thickness can be painted, laminated, foiled and could be directly screen printed upon. Vertech will also take back all materials at the end of life, offering associated discounts.

Combining Vertech’s natural resistance to the elements, including the corrosive effect of moisture and common chemicals, with its tremendous flexibility and ease of use makes Vertech an ideal signage material.

Add to this its outstanding environmental credentials, derived from not only its recycled content but also its re-use potential and complete recyclability and its ease of use and ability to thermoform to create useful shapes and you have an outstanding solution.

Because Vertech is fully recyclable through our closed loop process we will gladly accept back all post use signage material and off cuts and offer an associated discount on subsequent purchases.

  • Recycled and Recyclable
  • Impervious to water and common chemicals
  • Incredibly low maintenance requirements
  • Tough, durable and stiff with no knots
  • Can be cut, drilled, machined to a high tolerance without splitting
  • Can be welded and thermoformed for maximum flexibility
  • Can be painted, foiled or laminated
  • Massively reduced environmental impact, supporting BREEAM assessments
  • A cost effective product both at point of purchase and through life cost